Curmudgeonly governor of Altaruk, and secretly head of its Veiled Alliance


Middle-aged human male

Arisphistaneles is a 54-year old noble from the city-state of Balic. He wears Balican clothing, the chiton and chlamys, and leather armor. He is of average height, muscular build, though paunchy, and bald-in fact, completely hairless. Some speculate that the Governor must have dwarf blood in his past. However, a small proportion of Athasian humans have no natural body hair. He is outspoken, haranguing, curmudgeonly, but amusing and charming in his way. Abusive toward those who question the wisdom of teaching slaves and soldiers to read, and harshly taunting of those who refuse the opportunity to learn, Arisphistaneles regards those who show a thirst for knowledge as his blood kin.


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