Cawthra Cloudseeker

A fledgling wizard, outcast by his tribe, determined to do good in an uncaring world


The Brothers of the Sun and Preserver Wizards

Cawthra’s mother, Kariko, is a sun cleric and the shaman of the Brothers of the Sun, an aarakocra tribe roosting in the Ringing Mountains northeast of Tyr. Fearful of King Kalak’s influence, the Brothers have become mistrustful of all outsiders. Kariko sought for Cawthra to follow in her ways and become a sun priest, but he never took much interest in his clerical studies. One day, while taking a rest from soaring over his tribe’s land, Cawthra met a human traveler who offered payment of a shiny gem, aarakocra’s favorite trinket, for his service as a guide and translator (he had learned Common as the son of the shaman). Cawthra overcame his mistrust and did well as a guide, and the traveler, Suldin of Nibenay, told Cawthra of the Veiled Alliance, and that not all land-dwellers were content to dwell under the yoke of the sorcerer-kings. Suldin said the Alliance used magic not in the evil ways of defiling, and revealed to Cawthra the concept of the Preserver wizard. His worldview shattered, Cawthra’s curiosity took hold and began secret arcane studies whenever Suldin traveled by. This continued for several seasons, but could not last forever. One day Kariko and the other shamans discovered Cawthra at his studies, and killed Suldin in a rage. Cawthra they spared, but exiled him from the Brothers of the Sun, and swore to kill him if ever he should enter their lands again. Sullen, the masterless apprentice flew to the flatlands to live among the land-dwellers, practicing his Preserving art among them and seeking out a Veiled Alliance cell, the only people he knows might share his vision of the world. His isolated origins mean that interacting with the other races can be awkward, but he loves nothing more than learning from others. Meanwhile, the only lesson Cawthra keeps from his mother is a quest for perfectionism, believing that only a fool rushes into things without preparing for the best possible outcome.

Altaruk and the Veiled Alliance

Since setting out from Tyr, Cawthra has fallen in with a band of fellow outcasts. Initially meeting while working as caravan guards, the group suffered through the wastes, making it to the trade fort of Altaruk. There, one of Cawthra’s companions, the water priest Vinari, made Cawthra’s wizardly ways known to Tellemon, captain of the guard. While the rest of the party awaited trial for other crimes, Tellemon sent Cawthra to infiltrate the local Veiled Alliance and to bring him the names of their members. Cawthra found the Alliance and befriended a local wizard, Banoc, who had known his mentor Suldin, earning Banoc’s loyalty by killing a Defiler in town, Elek the Enchanter. In the process he came to know an aarakocra whore at The Oasis known as The Blue Raven, with whom he has the spark of a relationship. Tellemon was assassinated after the party’s trial, so the issue of loyalty was avoided. Investigating the murder, Cawthra and the party found that the killer was working for Governor Arisphistaneles, and that Tellemon had planned to usurp the governor, who is is secretly also the head of Altaruk’s cell of the Veiled Alliance.

Arisphistaneles has since sent the party to find a local druid, Kesi, and recruit her to stop a plague of wind sickness. On the way, they were attacked by the Sky Diver tribe of aarakocra – Cawthra refused to join them and killed their sun shaman personally. After retrieving Kesi, Cawthra was dismayed to learn that her price to cure the plague would be the head of Banoc, his new Preserver friend. Now Cawthra seeks a way to resolve the dilemma.

Cawthra Cloudseeker

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