An arena champion driven away from what he knows and loves, forced into a mercenary lifestyle


The Pit of Black Death

Grik was born and bred to fight in the Pit of Black Death in the city-state of Urik, part of the personal slave stable of Lord Nardeen Romrama. Grik’s dwarf father Morn was a gladiator himself, but was killed in the arena while Grik was still in the womb. Grik was trained by his dwarven uncle, Burgoz, a gladiator for the past ten years. Grik also came to love a fellow gladiator, a fellow mul named Osa who had won her freedom but fought for glory. Lord Romrama had always disrespected Grik’s human mother, Ryana, but after Grik was a successful pit fighter everything changed. One day when Nardeen had Ryana beaten to punish Grik for his pride, Grik slew his owner with an obsidian spear. Grik, Osa, and the other Romrama gladiators led a slave revolt on the estate, swiftly seizing control. Within two days, however, the late Lord Nardeen’s brother and heir, Kurash Romrama, arrived with a mercenary force at his back, bolstered by templars from the city. Besieged, the slaves stood no chance – but Grik decided to go down fighting, knowing they would be shown no mercy. At this point Osa betrayed Grik, poisoning him and delivering him to their enemies in the hope of a reward. For her trouble she was re-enslaved into the Romrama stables, and Grik abandoned naked in the wilderness with nothing to survive. By sheer toughness he was able to journey south to the city-state of Tyr, where he hopes fortune will smile brighter upon him. One day he hopes to return to Urik to somehow free his mother – until then Grik must get by on his own, keeping his hard-earned lessons about trust to heart.

Soldier of Fortune
Turning to his sword arm to make a living, Grik signed on as a caravan guard with an elf named Content Not Found: kaldras. After a hard journey, he and his fellow mercenaries made it to Altaruk and defended themselves from the treacherous Kaldras, with Grik acting as the pelota-thrower during their arena trial as mandated by Captain Tellemon. When their aarakocra crossbowman Cawthra Cloudseeker was revealed as a wizard, Grik was his strongest defender, citing the aid Cawthra had given. Among these companions gathered by happenstance, Grik is not only a source of physical strength, but moral strength as well.


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