An agent of a noble house thrown into the wastes by an unknown betrayal


From Rags to Someone Else’s Riches

Jotano was the name given to a feral child who grew up in the Warrens of Tyr, a squalid slum without semblance of order. Nothing is known of the boy’s origins, whether he was an orphan or simply abandoned. Regardless, Jotano had no one for parents except his fellow street urchins. He was a vagabond, drifting from gang to gang as the whim took him, learning the many trades of the thief along the way. Eventually his idle hands sought to prove themselves by breaking into the home of Senator Vildeen of House Tyrthani – but, on the way out of the complex, he was caught. Senator Vildeen, recognizing Jotano’s skill, stopped his half-giant guards from executing the young rogue and took him into his service. For a time Jotano was a successful Tyrthani agent: operating anonymously, he stole from or spied on rivals like House Freydlav, intimidated subjects into obedience, and assassinated potential threats. Arson, blackmail, framing, and kidnapping were all tools in Jotano’s box. For his successes he was given a small, comfortable home complete with house slaves and a concubine. But one day, Jotano awoke to the sounds of Freydlav thugs breaking into his home: someone had leaked his identity. It could have been one of the other Tyrthani retainers, jealous of his rising star, or perhaps an enemy who had discovered his identity and informed Senator Freydlav. For now it doesn’t matter; Jotano fled his house carrying only the pack he had prepared for such an emergency. Slipping past the guards at the city gate, he has made his way to a merchant outpost a few miles to the south, and there intends to join up with a caravan to escape Tyr. One day, perhaps, he will re-enter its walls to seek revenge for whoever has stopped his steady upward climb.

The caravan Jotano chose was ill-fated, suffering a sandstorm, an elf raid, and the treachery of its master Kaldras. When his fellow caravan guards were arrested after Kaldras started a fracas in Altaruk’s elven market, Jotano slipped away. Rather than leaving them for dead, Jotano acted as their man on the outside, continuing to aid them and making some ceramic in the process. When Kaldras tried to flee justice after the party won their trial in Bloodsand Arena, a disguised Jotano leapt from the stands to end his life. As the group comes together, Jotano has often taken the lead in urban settings, where his roguish talents are easily put into play.

The group’s next job was to fetch a druid called Kesi, who was to heal Altaruk’s rash of wind sickness. She refused to do so unless the governor hands her the head of Banoc, a town-dwelling wizard. Jotano has no strong opinion on the matter: he is willing to kill anyone he needs to, but recognizes the chance to make a powerful ally one way or another in this situation.


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