Malak Mashhim

An assassin sold out by his superiors, now on the loose and hungry for revenge


The Night Runners

An assassin from the city-state of Raam, Malak plied his trade with skill as a member of the Night Runners, a shadowy tribe of Raamite elves specializing in espionage, assassination, and extortion. Malak himself preferred to infiltrate gatherings in disguise, then poison or knife his targets and escape unnoticed. Ekee, Malak’s superior, put him in touch with Jahangir, a House M’ke merchant, who chose to use Malak for a mission to assassinate two of his partners and consolidate his power. Malak poisoned both of the men, and returned to a toast from his employer. The wine turned out to contain sleep poison, however: Jahangir and Ekee had decided to remove Malak as a loose end. Normally he would have been simply killed, but the psionic slaver Ramessu believed he could dominate Malak’s mind and have a personal assassin of unflinching loyalty, and so the assassin was sold for a hefty fee, and Ramessu’s caravan left Raam for Ablath that very night. Sneaking out of camp one night at Silver Springs oasis, Malak stole some water and used his elven running ability to flee to Tyr. He has been there for just over a week, long enough to gain some possessions by theft or by song. After seeing one of the slaver’s guards snooping around last night, Malak has decided to leave the city to avoid his pursuers, and now seeks to join the first caravan he can find that looks tough enough to survive a journey in the wastes.

Freelance Assassin

Blending into an Altaruk-bound caravan, Malak was disappointed when a sandstorm, an elf ambush, and a treacherous employer culminated in his new party imprisoned and put to trial, in which Malak was the team runner. Malak found himself on the other side of the law when, after finding them innocent, their judge Captain Tellemon was assassinated and Malak’s party asked to look into the murder, with Malak taking the lead questioning witnesses. Next, the party was asked to recruit a local druid to heal an outbreak of wind sickness thought to have been brought to the town by a House M’ke caravan, fellow Raamites. Bost, Altaruk’s new guard captain, mentioned that the one person unaccounted for from the M’ke group was an elf woman named Ekee…

Malak Mashhim

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