A mighty hunter severed from his pack, in search of a new home


The Doom of the Sirocco Dancers

While out hunting with his clutch-mates, the rest of Nnn’tkk’s tribe (the Sirocco Dancers) was wiped out by a terrible storm. He wandered the wastes with his brethren for a time, hunting beast and man alike. Eventually a band of marauding psionic mercenaries with a black stone for their sigil ambushed the clutch during a fierce sandstorm; in the confusion they were separated. Unable to find them or even to track them afterward, Nnn’tkk was forced to assume the worst, that he was the last Sirocco Dancer. He made his way to the city-state of Tyr to seek the security of a strong pack. Having lived all his life in the wastes, the ways of city-dwellers were mysterious. Indeed, only with difficulty did the mantis warrior restrain himself from hunting the easy prey that wanders the streets. He tried to snatch such an “easy meal” once on the road to Tyr: a plump and juicy band of slaves was being herded the other direction. He barely escaped that episode with his life. Clearly he still has much to learn of these soft-shells.

A New Pack

Deciding to return to the wastelands, Nnn’tkk knew that many soft-shells would fear any kreen. Not speaking their tongue, Nnn’tkk decided to lie in wait, quietly shadowing a caravan and proving himself to them in their time of need. After the caravan he chose was separated from its hired hands by a sandstorm, Nnn’tkk was spotted by Cawthra Cloudseeker, an aarakocra. The group approached him, making offerings and using the kreen speech, but Nnn’tkk avoided contact. Later, when they were ambushed be elven raiders, Nnn’tkk took the opportunity, leaping to their defense. Since then, Nnn’tkk has accompanied them through battle and imprisonment.

When the party was commissioned by Governor Arisphistaneles to recruit Kesi, a dwarven druid, to heal Altaruk‘s wind sickness, Kesi gave Nnn’tkk an amber amulet which she had found, and which she felt the need to gift to him. This amulet has given Nnn’tkk psionic powers, as well as glimpses into his racial memory.


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