Vinari of Tyr

An itinerant water priest looking to heal the land and its people


The Waters of Life

Vinari was born to a nomadic raider tribe deep in the sandy wastes, but at around age 12 was sold to a passing dune trader in exchange for a handful of scrap copper. Normally they would have simply killed the trader for the metal, but Vinari’s parents saw an opportunity to be rid of another idle mouth. An ankheg attacked the merchant’s camp one night, killing a guard but more importantly breaking some of the jars of water. On the road to Tyr without enough rations, the trader’s followers began to perish. One night two beast-handlers deserted, stealing yet more of the water. Finally, young Vinari was somehow the last survivor. Parched, he stumbled across the oasis at Silver Springs where he hoped to drink his fill, but the pitiless elves refused to allow him without coin. As the boy lay dying, a priest of Water arrived, slaking his thirst and telling Vinari that only his element gave the strength to survive in the wasteland. The two traveled together to Tyr, and although they parted company the cleric was able to teach Vinari the basics of city life, and had already instilled a healthy respect for Water, the lifeblood of the land. The priest also told Vinari that the sorcerer-kings were to blame for the blight upon Athas that had done so much harm to his precious element. Vinari preached to all Tyrians who would listen and provided for them to achieve their loyalty – those commonfolk who did not dismiss him as mad marveled at his wisdom, and even some nobles respected his power enough to sometimes ask for help watering their crops. Recently, however, Vinari has raised the ire of the Tyrian templarate with his street preaching against Kalak’s regime. Fearful for his life, he has fled the city walls. He seeks others who have been set against King Kalak, and for now has thrown in his lot with a House Vordon caravan, combining safety in numbers with the opportunity to convert the Silt-worshippers in Altarak to following the true, pure element of Water.

Spreading the Word
Vinari’s caravan was beset by weather and elves. Along the way, he made common cause with several other wanderers, but was wary of the aarakocra Cawthra Cloudseeker, whom Vinari marked as a wizard, the enemy of the land. Officially making this accusation to Tellemon, captain of the guard in Altaruk, Vinari was confidant the wizard would not be returning, but was surprised the next morning when Cawthra returned with only a warning against future betrayals. In the meantime, Vinari had convinced his party to accept his own blessings prior to their trial rather than those offered by Charl, the local silt priest. After the trial, Captain Tellemon was murdered – Vinari was key in the investigation, but withheld key evidence from the party by not relaying what he found on the arrow in Tellemon’s neck – an evaporating magical sigil which read DEATH TO KING KALAK.

Vinari of Tyr

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